I’ll Follow the Sun

All this rain, rain, rain. It’s as if God’s scheduled another great flood, only this time he neglected to let anyone in on it. It’s topic number one amongst dog walkers. Will we ever make it through another day without coming home sopping wet and dirty? The countdown’s on, three more weeks until summer. Somehow, I don’t buy it. With all that heavy grayness, it’s too easy to let oneself get down in the dumps, never to be seen again. I know. Every bout of sunshine’s been a tease this week, holing up and hoping for better isn’t an option, so what do you do…

Well, you’ll have to find creative ways to tickle those endorphins awake. Do or die, literally sink or swim, little bird. So I decide to pursue a few endeavors long in the planning and see what comes of them. Since I cannot seem to get myself to a karaoke bar and am definitely too lazy to go looking for a band, I’ve looked into some snazzy online options and found me a singing home. If I ever get the mic to cooperate, I may give you something to suffer through, but the nice thing is, I don’t need the audience. In fact, singing just by myself makes me really nervous when I’m online, although there really is no difference to singing in the kitchen with my headphones on and the neighbors listening in, is there? Singing tickles the belly and soothes the soul, it really never fails to elicit some happiness, so that’s a good start.

Next up: attempting to tire out the Wii. Haven’t really been able to do it, but that pesky little “trainer” really does perk me up. I’m sweating, I’m grinning like an idiot when my fake instructor tells me how great I’m doing, and I’m rewarded with the magical number 21. Haven’t seen that in a while, so it really feels great. The endorphins are awake.

Finally, I take the little buggers for a walk, because fresh air is good, even if you do get home all soppy and caked in mud. By now, I’ve developed a tolerance to dirt that borders on legendary. I have no qualms at all stopping in at a bakery after the morning muck session for some fresh bread; at least I don’t smell like a large portion of the population who apparently still hasn’t heard of that mysterious invention, deodorant.

So after all this, I can now look forward to a fabulous cheesy dinner and a cuddle session with the furry dirt bags, and what do you know? The sun’s out! Definitely!


One thought on “I’ll Follow the Sun

  1. Great post! Even when it rains you can have it bright. I have learnt this in Wales over the years. Here strangely it has been the driest May since 1990, Derek, the weatherman says.

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