Cruisin’ Down Denial

In Wicca, they say that the universe has a way of getting its point across, whether you want to hear it or not. In the microverse, this might go something like this: I’ve been saying for days I need to take care of my manicure but have been too lazy. Promptly, I break two nails. No more excuses. Extend the microverse: there’s been discussion about moving back to the States. Suddenly, there’s this house that’s just about perfect. Very large hint, possibly. Now extend to the macroverse: for years, there have been those who would deny that human actions have measurable impact on the environment. I believe that the BP oil disaster is the universe’s way of delivering undeniable proof that we are weaving the fabric of our own destruction. Nobody can say that humans had nothing to do with this, and the consequences cannot even be estimated at this point. This morning, it was reported that now a viable solution to the issue may not be found until August. That’s two more months of spillage! The Germans also report that BP engineers were aware of potential problems as early as last summer but their concerns were dismissed by BP leadership.

Now, truthfully, I should present you with links and inserts and whatnots to give you a great expose on evil corporations, but in this case, I must admit I’m too scared to dig too deeply. This may well be the biggest disaster my generation will have to face -and if things go extremely badly, possibly the last-, so I hesitate, especially since I have no way to do anything to help. Ironically, I think of myself as an optimist, but it seems that I’m most often right when it comes to predicting the negative. Call me Kassandra… 😉

In all this gloom and doom, I’d like to send out some greetings anyway. First, a hearty hello to Denver, Colorado, last station of Sal Paradise’s visit before heading off to San Fran. Secondly, groovy greeting to San Jose. My Creative Writing teacher at MPC came from there, and she was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had.


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