A Wave and a Sniffle

Well, here we are, one day after the series finale of Lost aired in the US, we’ve got it via iTunes to have our very own private sniffle fest. This last season was pretty emotional, with Jin and Sun dying, Michael coming back to get forgiveness and all that stuff, I’d already gone through a box of tissues before we got to this ending that leaves everything open and closes only a very few, thin volumes of questions. I tried my very best to resist Lost, but somewhere along the way, I got sucked in, anyway. That’s when you know there is some real, smart handicraft behind the whole thing. I think it’s astounding that for six years, I never recognized anything about Oahu, by the way! *g* Saying goodbye never gets any easier, I can tell you that much. So, here’s to a great run; thanks for all the fish, and on with the motley.

Tonight’s special dedication goes out to whoever googled “snobs in first class compartment” and ended up here. Awesome! 😀


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