Catching up with the Renners: The Hurt Locker

I already watched Hurt Locker once and have commented on it previously, so this is kind of a cheat post. Not that I don’t have an excuse, after all, the neighbors are having their wedding reception right outside our door and thusly, we must go. By now, I also think that if you’ve never heard of this film before, it’s a miracle that you’re on the Internet! But I promised you a post, so here it goes…

Mr Renner stars as SFC William James, a NCO in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal branch of the U.S. Army, who is stationed in Baghdad and enjoys blowing up stuff way too much. While nearly driving his fellow soldiers insane with his recklessness, he befriends an Iraqi boy who later becomes the victim of a murder. For a while, SFC James tries to return to civilian life and become a real family with his wife (Evangeline Lilly) and infant son, but soon finds himself incapable of functioning on the outside. Whatever flaws nitpicky characters might find with this movie, I think all the Oscar excitement was well deserved.

Favorite Renner moment: for ogling purposes, the bathroom scene with the lefthanded toothbrushing. Never has a behind been shot better. For heartstring pull, the scene in which James calls home but cannot bring himself to talk to his wife. You just know that something is broken inside this guy.

No special greetings going out today, you guys have kind of left me hanging the past few days… but it’s hot and sunny outside, there’s apple pie in the kitchen, and the house is reasonably clean. Time to think about what to wear and join the party.


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