I’ve had it up to here. The weather situation is starting to piss me off. Global warming has to be a myth, considering we’re out in down jacket and hat in the mornings. Ridiculous! Everything is a chore right now, the blog, the house, the Welsh. If I had the money and an ash cloud wasn’t looming over central Europe once again, I’d be so out of here. Then I also wouldn’t have to puzzle over the fact that aeons after I quit playing that dumbass youknowwhat game on Facebook, people STILL come here looking for frackin’ advice on favor points. What are you, stupid?! Read*the*help*files! Seriously. You may be too dumb to become a vampire… *groan*

For those of you not feeling very entertained by me today -and I refuse to apologize for that-, head on over to Twitter. Follow @SantaMonicaDude, if you want to know what’s going on in a place where people have lots of reason to be in a better mood, or add @ValerieCearley to your Twitterati. Who knows, we may just get Ms Valerie back to tweeting for us.


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