When Things Come Together

Goooooood morninnnnng, Modestooooooo (and Santa Monica, Hollywood and Beverly Hills)! Nice to have you back. 😉 Today’s very special greeting goes to sunny Perth, Western Australia, and the stopover Sydneysiders. I see despite all of you lovely people, I’m still freezing my butt off, but then it is only the middle of May (pardon me while I mop up this dripping sarcasm).

So, beautiful coincidence… on Friday, I drove over to my local entertainment media retailer to expand on my DVD collection and pick up a Nintendo points card (not for me, come on now… do I LOOK like a gamer?!). Finding out that there were no movies and no cards, I was on the brink of getting a bit perturbed, when my gaze fell onto a basket of sales items. Digging never hurt anybody, and what before my wondering eye should appear but a drastically reduced set of the second season of Brothers and Sisters? To boot, they took another five bucks off at the register, and I am a happy camper once again. Yes, yes, so easy to please (you poor chums have no idea *chuckle*).

The day continued in perfect loveliness, though it never stopped raining once, I think. Anke and I headed over to the grand opening of the new bio-supermarket, and grand it was indeed. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stuffed by snacking my way through a party AND ended up with my pockets full of goodies. Were I actually a Schwab, I’d have been in heaven. 😉 We had our doubts in the beginning; after all, there are already three bio-supermarkets on the block. Still, denn’s has the advantage of location and being smart enough to offer what the others don’t: a bakery and a bistro with a daily lunch menu. Which reminds me, it is a bit odd that men selling food are so insistent that I call them (or email them). Although perhaps this time, he was talking to Anke… ah, too funny.

If you’re thinking this seems like a low key weekend, you’re absolutely correct. I did manage to finish Dawn of the Dreadfuls, though I had rather hoped it would clear up so we could go to the Medieval Market in Göppingen. Well, there’ll be another chance for that in Reutlingen later in the year.


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