Kinotag: Meet me in St. Louis

It’s a rare treat indeed when you get to see a classic movie on the big screen, at least ’round here, so no wonder Anke and I jumped at the opportunity to while away some of this holiday morning at the matinee with Judy Garland. The Corso theater runs films in original version and is a mere ten minutes on foot, which comes in quite handy on an abominably repugnant day like today – I haven’t been this cold since February! Incidentally, I suspect you Californi-ites refuse to share that sunny weather, so fork it over! You wouldn’t want me to perish from pneumonia now, would you…

Anyway, so the film… the Smith family (mom, dad, four daughters, a son, and grandpa, plus the maid) live in a lovely home in St. Louis, where the World Fair is being constructed. The eldest daughter, Rose, is in love with a boy who won’t propose, Esther (Judy Garland) is in love with the neighbor, and brother Lon loves a girl he thinks might be in love with someone else (but isn’t). So far, so good. One day, papa Alonzo takes a job in New York City, which will require the family to move after Christmas, and promptly, things go topsy-turvy. Of course, in the end everything turns out just peachy. There are some minor misunderstandings and a lot of singing, and everyone’s happy. Seriously, this is one charming, adorable film, just the thing in weather like this, so if you haven’t, next rainy Sunday afternoon make arrangements to see it yourself.

Favorite scene: Mr Sheffield’s proposal to Rose. Fa-bu-lous!

Lest you fear this will turn out to be a Renner-free day, I will have some time to re-watch and re-view for your reading pleasure a film with a very long title. See you next time (and send some sun!).


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