Miss Fruitbasket of the Year

You know what happens in spring? Yeah, the time of the year when those long missed rays of sunshine tickle your nose into a sneeze and your hormones into overdrive, when the grass grows faster than your lawnmower can handle, and every pasty-skinned, flabby person in your neighborhood morphs into an athlete? Yep, that’s right. You temporarily win the battle over your inner Schweinhund and join the ranks of crazies out there.

Last week, my Wii complained about not having seen me in 83 days, now I think it’s ready to kick me off just to have some peace and quiet. But not so fast, my little plastic friend; after all, according to you, I still have just over three pounds to go before I reach my next goal. Come on, three pounds is like two meals at the Outback Steakhouse; now if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is! Even if the closest Outback is, oh, about three thousand miles away right now.

So, I’m sweating. But I’m a girl, and I do like girly things, like nice shower gels and moisturizers and perfumes. This year, I’ve given my trusty Lancome the ol’ heave-ho and gone for something fresher (edgier, for you Cali types out there *gg*). I now smell like a pile of raspberries, thanks to Escada’s Marine Groove. And I love it! To stick with the raspberry theme, I’ve dusted off -or shaken out- my pink running shirt, which isn’t currently running quite yet, but getting plenty of, uh, exercise anyway (see previous paragraph about crazies and plastic aides). Which leaves us with raspberry skin and coconut hair. If that doesn’t spell spring to you, what does?! 😀

Today’s special greeting goes out to the fleeting visitor from Niceville, Florida. It just sounds too nice to pass up.


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