Wales is like a Bounty Bar…

…since I was there in rainy April, and that’s because I forgot to pack right. Turns out, although I had enough shampoo to wash all resident heads in the hotel for a week, I did not have conditioner, and even my otherwise robust hair soon decided to not forgive me for forgetting. Frizzy and knotted, it left me cursing my comb in front of the mirror, until Boots came to the rescue with a spray-on, leave-in conditioner that just happens to contain a waft of the islands. Now, when I spray my hair on these rainy May days and spend the rest of the morning smelling like a coconut, I smile and think of fleecy sheep standing in lush, green meadows with an inscrutable look on their sheepish faces…


One thought on “Wales is like a Bounty Bar…

  1. I enjoyed this blog post, Stefani. Still sitting outside in Machynlleth…will go running in a field of sheep later – and smelling either coconut or raspberry. X

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