Catching up with the Renners: 28 Weeks Later

I’m not really a scary movie aficionado. Admittedly, I think that “The Ring” is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen (and liked), but come to me with Freddies, Michaels or any other good ol’ slash’n’guts movie, and I probably won’t even bat an eye. That said, you know that I won’t recommend any zombie fare to you, except.. well, except “28 Weeks Later“, which I incidentally watched for the first time well over 28 weeks after it came out.

It is, of course, the sequel to the equally excellent -if memory serves right- “28 Days Later“, starring Cillian Murphy. In “Days”, Britain is overrun by a vicious virus dubbed The Rage, which turns victims into bloodthirsty killing machines within minutes. The only way to prevent the disease from spreading to the mainland is to totally quarantine the British Isles.

In “Weeks”, reconstruction has begun after the virus seems to have died out on its own and slowly, people are allowed to return to specially set up security zones in London. Two of these resettlers are Tammy and Andy, children who were able to escape The Rage because they were in Europe at the time of the outbreak. Reunited with their father (Robert Carlyle), they get themselves and the rest of the world into serious trouble when they break quarantine to return to their old house for some memorabilia. Where’s Mr Renner in all of this? His character, Doyle, is a marksman on duty with the U.S. military who is overseeing the resettling process. When a renewed outbreak of The Rage forces the sharpshooters to open fire on their own comrades, Doyle decides to make a run for it while he can and soon finds himself rescuing a group of civilians, one of whom has very special genetic traits that may help find a cure for the virus.

Favorite Renner moment: when Doyle tells a civilian to make a run for a doorway to draw the fire of a panicked resident. He tells Sam to trust him because the man will fire but miss, thus revealing his position, “which will give me a shot at him, and I won’t miss.” You’ve never believed anything as much as this, and of course, he really doesn’t miss.

“28 Weeks Later” is simply a good action movie, even if it won’t turn me into a zombie freak. The cast is well chosen, and the film moves along at a good pace without getting repetitious or boring. My favorite fake shot is probably the firebombing of London as a last resort to wipe out the virus when containment clearly has failed. Chilling!

What does that say about me? I’m a sucker for guys in uniform, maybe, or I have a thing for precise weaponry, perhaps, or something else altogether… *g* Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, go rent it. Then tell me what you think.


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