Wedi Blino!

You know Murphy’s law. This week is proof positive that it exists. I’ve mentioned, I think, that I was stupid enough to extend at work to cover the time until my replacement arrives (not that it matters. I’ve got six weeks max, and she’s not even been processed for approval). That means, of course, that I have to drive to the office every day. Mark is spending four days in the States. He is scheduled to return a few hours after I leave for Munich on Saturday. What happens on the day he’s supposed to leave? Rufus gets sick. The poor pup has a very bad cold and cough. I end up staying home using leave I don’t have and need elsewhere while Mark sets off on his trip all worried. We have two more doc appointments for immune booster shots, one is Saturday at noon. The other one requires me to skip lunch tomorrow so I can leave early. And I wasn’t even supposed to be here today!

That’s all well and manageable, if you get appropriate rest in between. I took a great bath yesterday, read a bit, relaxed a bit, walked the pups with Anke and Daisy, went to bed early. Schmusi whined. All night. After having whined all day already. Then it started raining like crazy. Then a humming from the living room nearly drove me insane. Then I got up and checked on Rufus (he was sleeping soundly on his pillow). Then the alarm went off. Murphy, you old bastard, I’ll kill ya! Now you all need to excuse me while I go looking for some matches I can use to prop open my eyelids…


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