Living in Projects

You know how when you get busy, time just flies by? I’m packing up the Lily Pad while juggling all those Vista upgrades and accreditations at work while planning my vacation while starting a new blog (yup, schon wieder). We don’t need to discuss work, let’s just say it’s not very interesting but I’m happy when things work.

Due to Labor Day this coming weekend, I’m looking at a glorious four day respite from office chair warming activities. Claudia and I are going to Cardiff where I will possible try out my newly learned Welsh and potentially fail fabulously, but who knows. It’s nice to go away with someone who’s so enthused about the opportunity, and I hope that despite the not-so-hot weather forecast we’ll have lots of chances to bring back pictures.

The new blog is named Tees Tease ( and currently still empty. It was inspired by the fact that a lot of my beloved t-shirts from all over the world seem to have fallen prey to the hot water wash and therefore will be donated to the clothing collection. Before that happens, though, they will be photographically documented on that site. I am rather attached to some of them.

Now, I must find out why my fax machine won’t use the tray it’s supposed to to print faxes. You have been informed. I’ll see you with new material next week. Dabo!


3 thoughts on “Living in Projects

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    • I don’t. Return of the Queen is sleeping at the moment, because I don’t feel like writing in German. I’m too uninspired to add to the tech blog. Maybe I’ll retire it. This one has turned from the redheaded stepchild to a more interesting project, and the Shirt Blog is my experiment with a photo blog (plus, I like all the neat templates WordPress has to offer). So really, as usual, I’m only working on one or two.

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