Love and the other Disaster

Having recently discovered the convenience of renting movies online and watching them on the laptop, I now regularly look at the week’s top movie rentals. Yesterday I found “Love and other Disasters“, starring Brittany Murphy and a bunch of other people. I had wanted to watch it anyway, because I think Brittany is adorable, so I downloaded it.

Brittany’s character Jacks was born into an English-Spanish family, grew up in the United States and now works at a fashion magazine in London. She shares a flat with Peter (Matthew Rhys, still cute) who’s a gay screen writer looking for success in the movies and in his lovelife. Because of the obvious reason, as Peter points out to her later, that she’d do anything to avoid getting hurt in a relationship, she carries on an on-off relationship with James. Her best friend, over the top Tallulah, is currently shagging a hot Jamaican named Freedom. So far, so good. One day, Paolo – assistant to the magazine’s star photographer- shows up on a shoot and Jacks decides to hook him up with Peter, who’s fallen hopelessly in love with a man he hasn’t met yet. Naturally, chaos ensues, but all ends well.

Different: every once in a while, the scene is set up by typed instructions as from a script that appear on the screen. Funny: whenever Peter disappears into his fantasy while something completely different actually happens. Disastrous: Brittany as Jacks. Jacks’ favorite movie is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, which she expresses by modeling her style largely after Holly Golightly’s, but that doesn’t mean her acting should be so forced when nobody else in the film pretends to be stuck in a Sixties flick. Sorry, but I’m taking points off for that. All in all, though this is solidly fluffy evening entertainment, even if I will be glad to just once watch a movie like this in which I don’t have to see the main character’s gigantic preggo belly in the final scenes…


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