All the Things She Said

Wow, it’s hump day again! Hamburg beckons in only a couple of days… 🙂

Let’s do a short wrap-up of stuff that’s been mentioned over the past week:

1. The Hairdo
Remains undone. Instead, I went to the river with my husband, our friends and our dogs (yes, it’s OUR river, too!). I will sacrifice my lunch hour tomorrow to get a trim at the place with the young woman who cuts hair like an old lady. C’est la vie.

2. The Movie
As yet unseen. We could not get decent seats for last night anymore, so we took a look ahead and booked for next Tuesday instead.

3. The Welsh
I have conquered lesson 13 and got halfway through 14 before a technical hiccup tried to force me to start over. I’m hoping to finish 14 today sometime. Only one month to go until the visit… if you googled “Wales” and “mixxt”, you were probably looking for -hold on to your seats now!- Come join us there. We have folks writing in German, English and Welsh; that covers all our bases and leaves nobody out. 🙂

4. The Vampires
Seriously, if you still haven’t figured out the basic rules like how to waste favorpoints on readjusting your stats, you need help. Read the Help section already! Here’s some advice: don’t fight anyone who’s got more clan and a higher ranking than you. Never be too cheap to have someone hitlisted, it’s good revenge for zapping your rank. Use your favorpoints for the useful stuff, play Santa to your clan members, gamble with Akem every day, spin the wheel and share the joy, and be prepared for LONG friggin’ stretches of no mission fun! I’m stuck in combat hell for three more levels. It sucks.

5. 4th Street Traffic
The boys are playing a gig in Cardiff in a few days. Check their MySpace site for tour dates. While you’re there, sign up for the newsletter. And download the toolbar, so you don’t have to check back all the time.

The weather is grand, I wonder why I’m here (*sigh*), and I think that’s all I wanted to say about that.


2 thoughts on “All the Things She Said

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  2. Dydd Mercher heute. Ja, schon Mittwoch! Great to read your blog posts, Stefani. ‘Rwy’n iawn.

    Ich habe diesen Link über Twitter entdeckt.

    Hier scheint heute etwas die Sonne. Bin über die Enttäuschung über die Hauskäuferin hinweg und denke, es wird sich jemand anders finden. Wir wollten nur halt jetzt umiehen.

    Congratulations: the 13th lesson in such a short time.
    I like what you wrote re. mixxt. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

    Must check Myspace for 4th Street Traffic – I really like their stuff – cerddoriaeth.

    More soon, Annette

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