Early Weekend Morn

Actually, my early weekend starts tomorrow, but why haggle over a few hours? I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to my visitor from Wales. I have a sneaking suspicion who it could be, but don’t you live in North Wales? The network showed up as being located in Caerphilly… oh well.

Lest you, my dear readers, fear I’ll be bored tomorrow, ’tis not so. I’ll be up for the early dog walk, as usual, then on to vehicle reg and the giant trash receptacles, where I’ll begin the clearing of my household. And daggone it, I’m going to the hairdresser’s, finally! I am looking forward to two days of not going anywhere for the actual weekend, because my house needs to be put in order, and I believe I promised someone to look for that mp3 player…

I think I’ll have a mini champagne, as well, for finally cracking lesson 12, though as expected, now lesson 13 has me stumped a bit. What’s that I’m saying? I’m talking about my free Welsh language course, of course. If you’re wondering what the heck it actually is I’m doing there, visit Say Something In Welsh and join the fun. 😉

Speaking of joining, if you like traveling to Great Britain or if you’re a Wales fan or a Welsh person lost in Germany, come visit Annette and me on wales.mixxt.de. I hear we might have a celeb writer interested in doing a piece for us. That would be very cool if it worked out!

That’s enough advertising for one morning, I think… I can’t help it, between Vampires and Taffies, there’s not much else but the guinea pigs, and they’ve gotten quite a bit of blogtime already… 😉

Anyway, don’t expect to read from me until Monday, and have a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Early Weekend Morn

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  2. Hello Stefani! I like how you celebrate after every Welsh lesson. A mini champagne. Now it is Tuesday of the new week already. We had bad news with our house sale but another buyer will come along, I am sure. We were deeply disappointed though.
    Have you had the new haircut? Are you happy with it?
    Where will you move to after September? More soon. Rainy greetings. Hwyl, Annette

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