Kinotag: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It’s come to this: I’m at the point where I’m enjoying the movies more than I did the books. I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing, although I’m still wondering why the drawn-out, partially quite dry and boring last novel warrants a two-parter.

Anyway, HP was a thorougly enjoyable, well-directed and well-acted (even by Daniel Radcliffe) film. Especially the ups and downs of teenage love were portrayed in a sensitive manner. Dumbledore’s demise was dramatic and sad. Really, the only critique I have is this: where the heck was the half-blood prince in this? He appears in name when Harry receives the potions book, but even after Draco is nearly killed by the mysterious spell (in a POTIONS book?), nobody makes any effort to unveil the prince’s true identity. Now, I’d be curious who this master student was who concocted such a deadly weapon, apparently while doodling in an unchallenging class. And even when the prince reveals himself to Harry, we get no backstory at all! So, this movie could have been called Harry Potter begins the Search for the Horcruxes or Harry, Hermione and Teenage Romance, and it would have been more on point.

Still: if you’re a Potter fan -or even if you aren’t, but like dark movies- go see this.


2 thoughts on “Kinotag: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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  2. i like the cinematography. other than that, the movies aren’t really anything great. stories are bland. acting is eh. and if i can tell the acting is mediocre….

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