Satisfy the Reader

I would like to take this opportunity to satisfy two recent reader inquiries.

1. 4th Street Traffic’s album Kick the Habit can be purchased online at amazon (mp3), amazon UK (download or CD), from iTunes, at Tesco stores in Great Britain, in person at any of their gigs, and I’m sure at many other venues I have not investigated. It’s been out for a couple of months now and contains these seven songs:

Second Thoughts
Friend of Mine
Perfect Circle
White Lies
If You Go
Giving It Up

2. In Vampire Wars, you need blood to purchase things like abilities and minions (which in turn give you more blood). You also need it to enhance your abilities, which you can do once a day. To protect your blood from assailants, stick all of it in the bank and draw out only what you need when you need it. You can also win trophies for depositing certain amounts of blood or dominating a certain number of minions (mostly applicable to college frats, law firms and escaped mental patients).

Whenever you receive a trophy, you also receive a favor point. Every fifth trophy gets you a skill point, as well. Use skill points to enhance your health, energy, defense, attack strength or rage. There is no point in hoarding skill points. The best practice for favor points is to save them for important stuff like additional clan members or extra blood. Don’t waste them on health or rage refills, especially since you can use blood to refill your health! There are currently 71 trophies, with more being added whenever the designers come up with a new idea.


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