After the Fires

Were I to find only one word to describe the weekend, it would have to be… barbecue! Saturday afternoon took me to Stuttgart and the backyard of friends who were firing up the grill for some homemade cevapce and don’t ask me what those burger-thingies were called. As always, the food was plentiful, and a great time was had by all (although Max and Rufus had to go home early because Rufi decided he wasn’t getting enough grilled food).

On Sunday, I was invited to a surprise birthday party in Wiesloch: more great food, more good company, and the end result was one very tired Party Queen. 🙂 Good thing I have a week to rest…


5 thoughts on “After the Fires

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    • Apparently, you live on the wrong side of the country 😉 When I’m back in Stuttgart, you should come up sometime.

    • If I listed all the food we had (and all of it was definitely list worthy!), this would be one long blog post… 🙂

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