Life’s not all Fun and Games, but it could be

If life were like this past weekend, it would be pretty close to grand. I still haven’t been to the hairdresser, we did not see “Harry Potter” and the hardware store remains unvisited. But the boys and I had a great Saturday morning breakfast walk with Anke and Daisy. We purposely walked a different way, intending to hook back up to our usual road a bit further down in the woods, but accidentally missed our turn and instead took a longer walk altogether. The dogs certainly didn’t mind.

Saturday morning I was treated to omeletts for breakfast, and yesterday we had French toast. The new grill got plenty of action, as well. Mark christened the new rotisserie spit by cooking up a whole chicken. Last night, it ended up clearing up just in time and just enough to enjoy dinner on the patio.

Between washing dishes, doing some laundry, cleaning the guinea pigs and doing some shopping, I had plenty of time to go nuts in Vampire Wars, too. 🙂

So no, life’s not all fun and games, but when it gets this close, it feels pretty damn near perfect.


One thought on “Life’s not all Fun and Games, but it could be

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