Dinner with Friends

I nearly wrote this entry yesterday, but then I didn’t. I didn’t feel like it. Maybe I was lacking the energy provided by those crunchy, pecan-flavored carrots I just had for lunch. Quite tasty.

Anyway, on Sunday, there wasn’t an entry because there wasn’t time for one. Ok, I’ll admit it, most of the day I was really bumming around, but the fact is, whatever it was I was engaged in was more important than trying to come up with a post. That’s life, or as Forrest Gump would say: shit happens. The nice thing is, Sunday afternoon turned out to be a wonderfully off-the-cuff event. First, Mark bought the new grill. That thing is as big as Jamie Oliver’s kitchen! Then, Anke and Robi were going to pick up our old one which will now replace their baby Webber. Then I asked if they wanted to stick around for dinner, and they did. So, while the men put together the Barbecue Beast, Anke kindly took turns entertaining me and keeping an eye on Escape Kitty in the yard while I tossed some spaghetti in the pot, nearly successfully finished a nevertheless mighty tasty English orange cake, baked some garlic Texas toast and cut up veggies for the piggies and the salads. Sounds like a lot of work? Really wasn’t. Somehow, the timing just worked out.

I really miss having people around the house! One of the things I very much look forward to come October is cooking at home more often…


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