I Cheated in Welsh

Well, not exactly cheated… I am currently taking the wonderful audio language course in Southern Welsh from Say Something in Welsh. Iestyn and Cat have been my coaches for the past two and a half weeks, and although I’m hardly fluent after only six lessons, I’m starting to recognize patterns (which is cool, if you’re a language nerd like me). The whole point to this course is, however, that there are absolutely no written materials for the entire duration. Nada. Zilch. Nix. Amazingly, it works rather well, except for those instances where I don’t take the time to listen to a lesson over in a more quiet environment (I practice in the car on the way to work). So, for example, for one day I was absolutely sure that Iestyn was telling me ‘why’ was ‘ham’. It’s not really. The correct word is ‘pam’. But you see the problem.

Last weekend in London, I purchased a Welsh dictionary for those sticky moments. After all, what better place to buy a Welsh language aid than in a country where people look upon Welsh speakers with a fair amount of disdain? ( 😉 ) Lesson 6b made me VERY glad I did! You see, Iestyn is trying to teach us how to start and control conversations now, but I have to admit that I had a lot more problems unravelling all the new sentences than before. So last night, I did some rustling in the pages, and lo and behold, figured out about half of the stuff within five minutes. Plus a couple of things from previous lessons where I had misheard the endings, like a ‘f’ instead of a ‘th’.

So for me, it is useful to have a bit of written support, as well, even though I won’t use it yet to look up new words, which I wouldn’t remember anyway. But I cannot help but feel that I’m cheating here, just a teensy bit… 😀

P.S. Diolch yn fawr or thanks very much to all those people who’ve come here looking for 4th Street Traffic. Now go find them on Facebook and join the club.


4 thoughts on “I Cheated in Welsh

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    • Oh, but you do have to look all the way down on the shelf and in the corner… and in the cooking section, fo’geddaboudit!

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