Kinotag: Terminator Salvation

Sam Worthington is a Leo, Australian, and he cooks. That alone is enough to catch my interest. He also plays the sexiest killing machine since Robert Patrick took over as the Terminator in 1991’s T2: Judgement Day. So, really, in a nutshell, there’s everything I love about a good action flick: a hot baddie and scary robots.

In 2003, Marcus Wright is put to death in prison. Fifteen years later, the war is on between SkyNet and the human race, and poor Marcus is jolted back to life, with one thing on his mind: WTF?! Along he goes, trying to figure out what happened to him and the world he supposedly left for good. Soon, he hooks up with Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), future daddy to war hero John Connor (Christian Bale), who -at the same time- as his adult self, is attempting to foil a plot by SkyNet to kill off Reese, thereby preventing John’s existence. Confused yet? While in Star Trek, old Spock has good reason to avoid young Spock, Kyle Reese and his current and future offspring manage not only to coexist nicely in Terminator Salvation, but John gets to actually hand out a reward to his teenage papa before nearly dying. Send in the Terminator: while Marcus gets badly beaten by a much bigger, badder version of the early Arnie robot, John strikes a fatal blow to SkyNet headquarters, thereby deciding one more battle in favor of humans. In the scuffle, he is mortally wounded, and it is now that Marcus finally finds redemption for his previously unspecified misdeeds. I won’t tell you how, just go see the daggone movie already!


I actually enjoyed the action, the acting, and the little nods to the previous films, especially the fabulous first two. No, the gubernator himself did not participate in the making of this movie, as he was busy gubernating the hell out of the great state of California, but the digital cameo is nice and fitting. The only thing that does not return is the liquid metal man. I’m not sure if SkyNet simply hadn’t invented him yet, or if the technology had not performed up to expectations. We are most definitely left with a setup for more skull-crunching by metal maniacs, as not only John Connor gets to live, but his wife (Bryce Dallas Howard) is already carrying the seed of future additions to the franchise.


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