Kinotag: Star Trek

How do you write about a movie without revealing plot details? Should I just bank on the fact that by now, most interested parties have seen J.J. Abrams’ vision of Star Trek already, anyway? Nah. If you haven’t seen it, go see it! I consider myself a Trekkie, albeit a less nerdy one than those wannabe future engineers who know the Enterprise’s specs inside and out, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Plenty of action keeps you on the edge of your seat, so that the two hours fly by.

I would only like to remark on two points: 1) in a recent review, the reporter wrote that Uhura gets to smooch on Spock and Kirk. Unless he saw a different version than I did, I’m afraid the Uhura – Kirk canoodling will have to wait until further down the timeline. She is true green to her Vulcan mentor in this flick. 2) I’m not convinced that Simon Pegg with his detectably phony Scottish accent was the best choice for Scotty. Don’t get me wrong: I like Pegg. I also think that character-wise, he’s perfect. And yes, I know that James Doohan wasn’t a real Scot, either. Still: I would have thought an Englishman could have pulled this off better.

I briefly wondered whether Anton Yelchin, being an actual Russian, found it difficult to imitate the “Russian” accent cultivated by the original Chekhov, Walter Koenig. After all – as I found out many, many years after my crush on the Beatlesquely coiffed Koenig – real Russians don’t sound like that at all. 🙂 Vell, I vas only wexed for a minute…

For more on the movie, visit the official website.


2 thoughts on “Kinotag: Star Trek

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  2. I loved the movie as well. And Pille was my favorite charakter! He was absolutely brilliant. Go see that movie guys – if you haven´t yet. J

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