The Hallelujah-Girl

I am counting the days until September 28th. It is my honest and sincere hope, that the conclusion of that day will signal the conclusion of a period of my working life that, quite frankly, started out luke-warm and hasn’t recovered in the past ten years. I will hang up my help desk hat and jump ship in order to pursue my passion. Well, at least a little. It is sad when a person and a job are as ill-matched as this computer crap and I have been. It’s been everything I never wanted: a dead-end, dull office job with no prospect of real advancement and a general environment into which I fit as well as an albatross into a mouse hole. It’s killing my will to excel and stifling my creativity. Sad, indeed.

But lest you fear I may find myself out of work and living under a bridge (which, by the way, tend to be very low around here), I have a plan. Being the smart cookie that I am, I’m going back to beginning. No, not back to when I figured I’d be a princess. And skip past the period when I really wanted to be a rock singer. There! Now you’ve got it. Early on, I developed a love for food, travel and foreign languages. I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve eaten well, it’s time to spend some effort on developing that linguistic talent further. So, after 18 months of thinking about it, I want to finally get going on that translator license. On the side, I want to sign up for French class (because I love the idea of doing it with someone, and Anke has graciously agreed to dust off her French books). Depending on the job I get -yeah, the for-money kind- I think I can tackle Italian on my own. And then, watch out, world! đŸ˜‰

Sometimes, closing one door does indeed open another. And going forward can only be better than getting stuck in the dingy corridor…


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