Take a Walk on the Wild Side

We’re back in Stuttgart, the pigs and I. They got to move into their new Swiss vivarium last Saturday and have finally figured out that, wow!, with that second floor, there’s a LOT of room! They have also taught the guest pigs when and why one should squeak (when I knock on the door, because usually that means FOOD). It’s too funny to get it in stereo!

Walking with the dogs hasn’t been too bad, although at least one of them manages to find some shit at least once a day. And yes, I do mean shit. As in, feces deposited by humans with defective digestive systems who cannot make it the extra 40 meters back to civilization and prefer wild crapping instead. Now, why my dogs prefer this poop over all other poops and will go the extra mile to find it, I have no idea. I would like to get me a BB gun, though, and if I ever catch someone wild crapping during our walk, that person will end up with an ass full of pellets. Then again, since Germans pay a dog tax (try to find something that’s not taxed here, I dare you), perhaps the city could, since no bags or trash receptacles are provided in the forest, hang little scoops on the trees so that those who must give in to the urge to kack can at least bury their deposits. Well, a girl can dream…

I am pleased to report that the cats are doing well. They get catered mushfood twice a day and have plenty of opportunity to cuddle, play and rest. In short, to do all those things I’d like to do but can’t because the cats are preventing me from doing them. Especially the rest bit is getting a little difficult to deal with. It’s one thing to prop your eyelids open and pretend to be awake at work (I can almost sleep type now), but getting through that hour-long commute is tricky…

Luckily, the weekend is now approaching fast. My exciting projects: do a morning hike with Anke, clean the bathroom, shop for hamster treats, and… take a nap! 😉


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