To Everything, there is a Season

I just realized I should have kept this for a post about cooking and called it, for everything, there is a seasoning. Oh well, too late. 🙂

Things come in cycles, they say. I must be on mine, because this is an odd time. On the bright side, we picked up the vivarium on Sunday, and it is awesome! The downside to that: after the beating Carly took in the play area last night, I doubt Minnie and Emmy will tolerate her in there. Also, I attempted to order a totally cool feeding station, only to be notified this morning that they’re not shipping anything right now. 😦 Then again, my dad called yesterday to let me know the piggie castle for the play area will finally arrive in the next couple of weeks. Yay!

Apart from that, I really can’t wait to get out of the job. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but not only am I really tired of working this crap job, I’m getting seriously p.o.’d with my company which has now decided to double-tax me instead of streamlining the pay process. At this point, I just want to leave. Let me go back to PetSmart, at least, I enjoyed working there.

And since Sunday, I’ve been largely immobile due to incredible back stiffness. I guess those two slamdowns in the past three years were not appreciated by my spine as much as I had hoped. I’d like to report that I’m doing appropriate exercises for that, but since I can’t move, that’s a bit tough. Might be time to find a chiropractor.


One thought on “To Everything, there is a Season

  1. yep, a good chiropractor is worth his/her weight in gold….

    Get looking for new job, woman. You’re the only one who can do that, and there is NO real good reason to stay there until the contract ends…

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