Bad Vibes

Those of you who share my passion for CSI have probably already watched Season 4 (of NY, of course), which is what I’m watching right now. So if you’re up to date, read on. If not, you definitely want to skip this post. Big time spoilers ahead!

I always say that change is inevitable. Sadly, it’s not always good. And whilst I’ve enjoyed the first four episodes I just sucked down like last night’s pizza, I’m not entirely happy with the show. First, they’ve changed the title song. Oh, it’s still The Who, but who needs that techno crap version? Then they’ve changed the title sequence. Fine. Characters develop, things move on. THEN they’ve changed the CSI logo. And the DVD packaging. Am I even still watching the same show?

Well, with Flack’s girlfriend, they’re recycling actors from previous CSIs. Danny and Lindsey still don’t have more than sibling chemistry. And then there are Mac and Peyton. Or rather, then they’re not. Where at the end of Season 3 Mac accompanied Peyton to London to meet her family and they both were quite in love, now Mac has picked up an anonymous stalker and Peyton inexplicably dumps him. I guess they couldn’t figure out how to develop that storyline. Perhaps they should’ve watched some NYPD Blue for pointers. So, lovely Peyton is gone. But at least Stella is being pursued by a guy who looks like a shorter, younger version of the boyfriend she ended up killing. Guess all’s well then.

I should consider myself lucky that I have big changes for Danny to look forward to in Season 5. How do I know this? Because Carmine Giovinazzo has said in an interview that Danny finally gets to lose the glasses and move to contacts. If that’s not a sign! Well, give the man a break. He is a blond, after all.

Think I sound a bit like a sourpuss? You’re darn tootin’! I hate extraneous bullshit. And if all these fancy cosmetic changes they’ve made are to gloss over the fact that the writers ran out of ideas for the lesser characters, I’m in for a rough ride.


One thought on “Bad Vibes

  1. I’m assuming you’re talking about CSI New York. I really like CSI Miami and hope it doesn’t change that much, but the new twist on H’s brother is interesting. Have to watch more tonight….

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