A Lesson in Chemistry

I’m a huge fan of CSI. In fact, I love all three series. Currently, I’m cultivating my addiction with the CSI: NY team, and I’ve noticed Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) has really grown on me. I have to admit this, because people who know me might think that my view of the current developments on the show may be tainted by this. Not so.

In season two, Aiden (Vanessa Ferlito) left. I haven’t watched it, so I don’t know what happened. One thing I have to say about Vanessa, though: she has presence. She has sass. She crackles. Ok, that’s three things. Anyway, had the writers decided to let Aiden and Danny have an affair, I would have wholeheartedly believed it. They had chemistry.

Instead, Aiden departed and we now have Lindsay “Montana” Monroe (Anna Belknap). She’s short, she’s blonde, she’s eager, she’s outspoken. She’s also homely and looks like Danny’s little sister. When they’re in a scene together, you believe that they’re friends, you believe there’s affection between them, you never believe they are attracted to each other. NEVER. Peyton and Mac? Yes. Stella and Mac, I would believe. Hell, even Stella and Hawkes. But nervous energy Danny and future American housewife Lindsay? I don’t buy it.

And yet, somehow they end up being a long-term thing. In fact (achtung, spoilers), I just read online that Danny and Lindsay are having a baby. Why? Well, because Anna Belknap is pregnant again. She had her first child during season three, which explains all those upper body shots, big coats and her character’s temporary departure to “testify”.

Now, I’m all for keeping your staff. I like her character, I really do. But why was it necessary to force this entirely ridiculous unbelievable relationship on the two detectives? Sigh. Fortunately and sadly, we all know that nobody gets to enjoy a healthy relationship for long on tv. So there’s still hope that eventually, this union of dull will be disentangled. And then, on with the motley!


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