Late Nights are Worth it when the Watching is Good

People who have kids will at some point have to give in to the urge to tell everyone everything their kid does that they think is cute. “Oh, today he burped while hanging upside down from the couch.” “She’s too adorable trying to stick her brother’s shoelaces up her nose.” “You know, they mumble in their sleep!” Come on, admit it. And you know, we do it too. We the pet owners, that is. After so many years and so many pets, I’ve learned a little constraint, although I still regularly squeal “how cute!” at the sight of my snoozing dogs, and obviously, the newness hasn’t rubbed off the guinea babies enough for me not to tell you how funny they are when they get their nutty five minutes and start running around on the floor just for the heck of it. What can I say, I do enjoy some good pet tv when I get home from work. 🙂

And it’s not just me anymore. Since Claudia and her fiancé were adopted by Miezi the cat, I am treated to regular stories about Miezi visiting for food, Miezi checking out the house or Miezi playing with a twig. Very sweet. Even if it’s just “she came in, ate and left” two days in a row, it’s nice to see how my friend’s eyes light up when she talks about this strange cat that may or may not belong to someone in the neighborhood.

But if you were hoping for more pig tales today, I have to disappoint you. Really, the girls hardly ever make me late for bed. Watching tv, though, does. Last night, I finally got to watch “The Dark Knight”. To my surprise, it was a longer movie than I would have thought, but I enjoyed every minute of it. People have said of the last Bond movie that the makers were spending too much time delving into the characters, to the point where they’ve taken all the action out of ol’ 007. Luckily, this has not happened with Batman. The cast was chosen very well and the characters developed enough to make you care, but not so much you started to wonder what happened to all those gratuitous car chases… that in the process I didn’t get to bed until well after ten p.m. is almost not worth mentioning. I am a bit tired today but glad to say that, yes, the watching was good.


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