Doctor, Doctor

In my doctor’s office, there’s a sign taped to the wall that reads “If you have to wait for more than 15 minutes after check-in, please notify the front desk.” Now, on occasion I have had to wait – sometimes, the flu simply takes priority over a routine check-up. But today, I figured out why they don’t really have to worry about too many complaints. Have you ever had to wait around in the secluded exam room, dressed in nothing but a flimsy gown, a sheet and your socks? And did you feel like waddling out to the receptionist to complain? Exactly. 🙂

Other than that, what can I say, I’m healthy as the proverbial horse. Great blood pressure, pulse way beyond normal. So I’ve done my best to come up with some stuff that needs checking out. I need to have a mole removed (it’s digging up my dang yard. Kidding!). But that’s, like, the third or fourth one, so that’s an old hat. New this year: I’m getting my first-ever EKG. Then we’ll hopefully see why that ol’ ticker likes to run in neutral sometimes…


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