An Appropriate Ending to the Year

It’s all over the news today: the last day of the old year is going to be cold. No, let me rephrase that: COLD!! German women’s magazine freundin even has a featurette on its homepage about how one might stay safe in December’s freezing grasp. I don’t understand all the hullaballoo. It’s winter. Of course it’s cold. And I’m enjoying it. Because, after all, it is a dryyy cold (talk to someone from Arizona to explain how to properly say that. They have a dryyyy heat). There’s very little worse than that clamminess that creeps into your bones when it’s cold and wet outside. People seem to get sick faster. And I myself never want to be in it for long.

But there’s a special quality to that crisp wintery air out there right now. If you’ve ever licked a fresh icycle, you’ll detect that same cool promise of snow in the skies. The air bears a crispness that is only rivalled by the wonderful sound of snow crunching under foot. Sadly, we have to do without the latter for the moment. But winter is still young.

So while this may not have been the best year or the most exciting year or even simply a good year, I thank the weather gods for this lovely gift on this 31st of December. Yes, there is definitely promise in the air. To all of you, all the best. Stay safe tonight. I’ll see you in 2009.


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