Work with a Pig

Some mornings are clearly scarier than others. After I had made pigwig’s breakfast this morning, I went to get him out of his cage. He gets his eye drops before he eats, and that’s worked well so far. Except, when I looked in there, he had his head under a pile of hay, his butt in his pigloo, and he wasn’t moving. When I lifted the pigloo, his feet were stretched out. He still didn’t move. The last time I saw a guinea pig in that position, it was FredPig, and she was dead.

Louie isn’t, but this sure made me very afraid that if I went to work, he’d be gone by the time I came back. So, pig, breakfast, pigloo and all are at work with me today. He’s currently taking his after-breakfast nap, although he didn’t eat more than two bites of cucumber. If only there was a way to clear up his nose so he can breathe better!

I’d like to pretend that I have everything under control, but since I’ve eaten four pieces of Halloween chocolate since I got here 45 minutes ago, clearly I don’t.


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