About News

There are two kinds of news, personal and public. If I post my news here, does it become public? Well, yes and no. But really, I’m not trying to confuse anyone, merely make an introduction to this post about personal news: the piggie is still sick. Ten more days of antibiotics (from the doctor) and lots of cuddling (from me). I’m also trying a homeopathic remedy for respiratory distress. At least he’s still eating. He is also very adamant about not wanting to take his probiotics. I give them to him when I can and weigh the benefit against the stress I cause him when I force the issue.

Claudia is out sick again, as well. I wish her a speedy recovery. Today, this means I can go shopping during lunch and then enjoy our next lunch meal together. Kind of bizarre, but somehow, this is working out. She needs the rest, anyway.

And in public news: yesterday, the late great actor Jeremy Brett – my ultimate Sherlock Holmes- would have celebrated his 75th birthday, putting him up there with the fictional, yet very much alive Denny Crane, played by William Shatner. I have long had a somewhat odd crush on Jeremy Brett which I entirely attribute to the virility and vigor he brought to his character. So, despite everything: happy birthday.

Finally, there’s the ultimate eco car: it runs on compressed air or a variety of gasoline types and replacements, from regular to diesel to biodiesel, ethanol and vegetable oil, as it states in this article. French carmaker MDI Inc. hopes to begin rolling out this little wonder by 2011 – once it passes the stringent crash tests.


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