About Recovery

Stress can do bad things to you. In my case, I sleep badly, get headaches, eventually get very grumpy, then just tired and withdrawn. Then it takes that extra little bit of pampering to get me going again. And when I’m worried about someone, it’s even worse.

Fortunately, it seems that Louie and I are helping each other out. Every night this week, we’ve watched some “Sherlock Holmes” together on the couch and snuggled. And after that horrible night two nights ago, when I was sure he wasn’t going to make it till the next morning, he seems to have gotten better. The swelling on his eye is receding, thanks to the eye drops (which are awfully tough to administer to an animal with eyes where they roll right off). He was breathing easier last night and not wheezing so much, and luckily, the antibiotics don’t seem to upset his system too much, although he is eating less than normal.

I, too, slept better. I also gave the place a thorough airing and exercised before our cuddle session, all of which apparently was just what Dr. Watson would have ordered. I’m very glad this is a low-stress weekend. Let’s hope things continue to improve.


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