About Consideration

There are four other people here besides me today, three of whom I personally told I was going to work in the upstairs office until about four o’clock. I had to specially request a key for this office. I’m also supposed to leave at four-thirty to go home.

Between the four of them, they have, let’s be fair, zero brains between them. Three of them went running together, the fourth presumably went home, and not ONE of those idiots thought to call upstairs to let me know. My stuff is in my office. My coat, my money, my car keys. The people upstairs have no phone roster anywhere. I can’t pull one off the computer, because my card is, you guessed it, on my desk.

There are many words to describe people like that. I’m sure you all have a good enough imagination to come up with most of them. And me? I am effing pissed off. Royally.


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