About Pointlessness

I wanted to write a nice post about enjoyment. Because that’s what I did with the weekend, I enjoyed it. But I can’t. It’s Monday. It feels like a Monday. The pigwig has to go back to the vet, because after doing great on Saturday, he’s now breathing oddly again. My friends think they can fix my hormones after generations of doctors have been unsuccessful in the past 20 years. This is what I look like. Get used to it. I did. Why, at a point when I’m finally happy, serene and content, people think I need a fucking makeover? Will it make the world a better place? Will it make me a better person or a less embarassing friend to be seen with in public? Leave… me… alone! I like being happy, serene and content, and I don’t need a new face, a new body or a friggin’ walk-in closet full of clothes I can’t afford to improve my chances of being hit on by one of those degenerated males YOU people don’t want for yourselves!

It really is a crying shame that I don’t get those customary fifteen weeks of vacation my German friends seem to get. Because if I did, I could finally really disappear for a while.


5 thoughts on “About Pointlessness

  1. GOODNESS!!! You are on the cranky side this morning. I’m happy to hear that you’re happy, content and serene, but this entry is anything but.

  2. Actually, I’m ok as long as it stays quiet. I hate how everyone seems to think I’m “just a little depressed” when I’m not, how I need to be cured of wanting to withdraw a bit and just enjoy some peace and quiet, and how suddenly I’m everybody’s pet project. I’m not a daggone teenager anymore, I’m not a desperate hag looking for a man, and when I say I like to be home right now and not be on the party circuit, I expect people to respect that decision instead of trying to figure out “what’s wrong”. Nothing’s wrong. Yet.

    But worry not, that enjoyment post is coming…

  3. geht es dir wieder besser? 🙂
    na ja, ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es für viele ungewohnt ist wenn du ruhig und zurückgezogen erscheinst. da müssen sich deine freunde wohl auch erst umstellen. 🙂

  4. Oh, fantabulous. Ich nehme morgen Urlaub, eigentlich, weil der Ferk zum Arzt muß, aber na und? Ganz gesund gibts jetzt Sport und grünen Tee. Wie kanns einem dabei nicht gut gehen? 🙂

    Allerdings kann ich gar nicht nachvollziehen, was Du meinst. Ich bin doch die Ruhe in Person… 😉

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