About Enjoyment

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy different things. Really enjoy, as in warm belly, many smiles, wishing this won’t end, laughter and good vibes. It was easy to get up. Pigwig and I had breakfast together, and when I left, there he was, munching away with his little pink nose sticking out of his Pigloo. He’s such a little sweetie, he makes me smile all the time.

It wasn’t so bad that my train was canceled, because driving up to Heidelberg in my car gave me the chance to make three people happy who rode up with me. I absolutely admit that helping people out can be a great thing just because it feels so good.

I had an hour to wait before the next train, so I really enjoyed some creamy caramel coffee and a wonderful sweet croissant with plum filling, plus I got to purchase next year’s pocket calendar. All very easy and relaxed. The train was almost empty, giving me quiet to read and listen to music.

I absolutely savored my delicious late lunch while I waited for my friend Jutta, with whom I then discussed the advantages of blogging and microblogging, which was really fun until Steffi joined us and we all talked about something different. I tagged along with them into a jewelry store and oohed and aahed over the goodies with them.

Steffi and I had a fabulous night visiting all the different museums, running into people, listening to the bands, and afterward, I slept well and woke up before the alarm clock. I was really looking forward to meeting Pauli for breakfast, and although the service at the cafe was awful, the food was enjoyable. Afterward, we took a walk together, found a hole-in-the-wall coffee spot and kept chatting even on the trainride back towards the city centre. When I got to the Odeonsplatz where I was meeting Maria, she was already there. We had a drink and some cake together, playfully argued about our XING group and then enjoyed a walk through the city, which is lovely on Sundays and not nearly as overrun as almost any other day of the week.

By the time I climbed aboard my train, I was actually ready to get home to my pigwig again, and although today hasn’t been nearly as wonderful and magical, I am grateful to have been so close to perfection for almost two whole days.


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