When You Think You’re Done, You’re Not

If I had to describe this weekend using only one adjective, I’d get into trouble. Busy? Interesting? Cool? Yeah, all true, but none all-inclusive. Where the heck was I? I was in Munich (of course) at the BarCamp 08, an “Un-conference” where web enthusiasts of all color exchange their views and experiences and everyone (well, nearly everyone) contributes in some manner. The barcamp lasted two days, and when you spend that much time locked up with perfect strangers, you get to meet quite a number of them. That was probably be the best part for me, since I do not work in a web-related profession and don’t see myself getting there, either.

Which doesn’t mean the sessions weren’t interesting! The variety was endless: from monetarizing your blog or website to what makes a successful business plan, from podcasting for beginners to search engine optimization, from Fanboy Apple to bleeper.de to how to run a startup using Sun systems, if you asked for it, it was there, and if it wasn’t, there was probably someone who could offer a session, anyway.

So I came back smarter and hot for more. But I’ve also decided to skip the Microblogging Conference in January, because no matter how much I’d like to have an excuse to go to Hamburg, I just don’t see discussing the fineties of Twitter and Identi.ca for two days. Instead, I have been subtly volunteered to help out at next summer’s Black Forest Barcamp, which I will be happy to do if time allows!

Which now leaves me exactly one day to get caught up on my blogging, sort the rest of the photos and take a short breather until the next webby project, for on October 15th, it’s BlogActionDay and I have promised to contribute! And I think after that is Christmas… 😉


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