Working my Butt off

I have back pains. I’ve said it before, no reason to talk about it too much now. But luckily, there’s stuff I can do to make it better. First, I exchanged my crappy deskchair at work for a better one. Amazing, what a difference that’s made. Second, I went back to my evening yoga routine. And I’m getting massages. But I think the exercise it what really does it.

Recently, i’ve noticed something. I seem to indeed be developing a routine. After work, I go home, I change and I do a little bit of something. Twice this week, I did a lot of something. I got really sore afterward, but that comes to nobody’s surprise when you consider I haven’t really worked out in… uh… years. Pathetic, but true.

At some point, I started collecting these free DVDs that came with some women’s magazines. There was Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gong, and some funky Cardio Pilates. Then I added to my library and got me a couple of books. And now I can actually work out on my own by following the descriptions. Pretty cool. But to work off my butt (if that’s even possible), I am using a rather challenging DVD (yup, came in a book). So challenging, in fact, that yesterday on the second try, I did the abbreviated routine again and still couldn’t do all the exercises. But damn, it feels good to be moving! Plus, I sleep like a baby at night. Oh, and I eat less.

It’s all good. Here’s to the butt.


2 thoughts on “Working my Butt off

  1. Well, I had about a week where I got stuck on this “I’m gonna go home and workout” bit where in fact I went home, changed, and then sat on the couch. 🙂

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