Fall Smells

I considered for a brief moment whether I should just come out with it and title this post fall stinks, but since the results of the sniffer jury were about six to two, that would have been overkill. Which brings me to the first mis-scent of the day: what on Earth did our cleaning lady use to clean the bathrooms this morning? It smelled like wet roadkill in there, or possibly fungus-infested rags, which are extremely surprising for her. The other one who cleaned here while Ms. U. was on vacation, not so much, but surely not Ms. U. herself…

The second wave of stink hit me as I crossed the street to visit the shoppette. I don’t know what it might have been, but the whole outdoors smelled like a giant pile of rotting garbage. A few minutes and well-placed gusts of wind later, and it was gone.

Luckily, lovely scents abound today, starting from that fresh coffee in the morning and extending down to the minty gum I’m chewing right now, by way of hot chocolate (mmmmh) and spicy chili (soul warmer as well as belly heater). The other day in the forest it smelled like wet bark and leaves and soil from a big dip next to the path where logs had been stored over the summer. And last night, the smell of the fresh hay was just wonderful after I cleaned Louie’s cage, although that’s not really a fall scent. He always smells like that, it’s just the way he is.

I’m looking forward to more olfactory adventures.


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