My Head Spins so Much, it’s Making Me Screwy

Mondays. I’m with the Boomtown Rats. Don’t like ’em. No need to tell me why. Recently, I’m being included in things, important things, like meetings. Whose idea was that? We’re talking about purchasing a VTC system. Nay, four systems. While the powers that be hash out the dirty details, I long for a good strong cup of coffee. I strongly suspect I’m merely the female presence to fill the quota at the round table.

But that’s ok, because at the end of the meeting, I inherit a badly needed new deskchair that will hopefully keep my back from being all out of whack when I leave at night, as well as a conundrum: my major gripe has been that in this job, there is no potential for development and stagnation is pretty much the status quo. Now, we’ve got this VTC project, plus the domain move project, plus… no, that’s it. So, I could become tech geekier. Or I could try very hard to get that new job I’m jonesing for. In my mind, I’m building it up to a HUGE opportunity, which it is. Problem with build-up is, if the interview goes badly, it’s so much further down to fall… especially since I’m very seriously thinking of not attending the recruiting event. Do I want to go to an all-day job fair where I’ll “have the opportunity to speak with all participating companies”? All ten of them? Two of which I wouldn’t apply with, anyway?

I think the best policy would be to trust my gut instinct for the event (and cancel) and let my uncrushable optimism take over for the interview (and, of course, walk out with a contract). Now let my head slow down enough so the screen stops looking blurry…


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