By Invite Only

So, there it is. After my interview date with that company in Munich, I have now also received an invitation for the recruiting event on the 25th. Not to sound snooty, but I am a little disappointed with the list of participating companies. Two are out right off the bat: Lidl, because I don’t want to work for people who spy on their cashiers and stockers, and Rewe, because I’ve done my time with them and don’t want to go back. Most of the other companies I’ve never heard of, and only one outs itself as an IT firm by name.

I mean, those folks in Dachau at least will be at the Systems Expo. Again, not to sound snooty… I don’t know. I suppose I’ll do some research over the weekend and then decide whether to sacrifice another day of vacation for this.


2 thoughts on “By Invite Only

  1. Oh, I’ve experienced messestress the year I visited CeBIT, and I didn’t have to work there. 🙂 And of course, having a stand at a trade show is not a criterium by which to pick your future employer. I suppose I expressed my point better at the other blog: really, I’m disappointed by the offering. Plus, it seems that either the pre-selection process was a failure, or nobody expressed interest in an interview with me, in which case I’m strongly leaning toward not going, because that’ll cost me a day of vacation plus 50 euros in travel fees…

    I’ll think about it, but if they asked me right now, I’d say no, thank you.

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