Kinotag: La Graine et le Mulet

Or “Couscous with Fish”, as the German title goes, is  the story of Monsieur Slimani, an Arab immigrant to France, who at 61 loses his job in the shipyards and works hard to make his dream come true: to open a specialty restaurant on a restored ship, featuring his ex-wife’s famous couscous with fish. His only true support in his endeavour comes from Rym, the young daughter of his lover in whose hotel he rents a room, and his youngest son Riadh.  And of course it is the story of his family, his son Majid who cheats on his wife and never takes care of his young son, his daughter Karima who works in a cannery, Lilia, who is married to a Frenchman who refuses to learn Arabic, and many other characters.

This movie is very much a French movie. People chatter endlessly, and at 151 minutes, there could have been some editing. The abrupt climax and end of the film is also quite French, but I won’t tell, because it is still worth seeing.


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