Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

They always get you when you’re not looking. Well, my experience with actual gypsies is somewhat limited and with tramps, virtually non-existent, but I can say it holds true for thieves.

There we were, Claudia, her mom, and I. We had just come from the movies and were looking forward to sharing some late evening sushi at Mr. Whang’s when in walks a group of three, two women and a man. We’re the only people sitting inside. First, they walk to the opposite side of the room, then reconsider and decide to sit behind us. Yet, they’ve barely looked at the menu when the older woman picks up her handy and starts talking into it like she’s giving someone directions. She gets up, quickly walks out the door, the other two are right behind her, the waiter first says “oh, they left their camera” then turns to us and asks if anything’s missing from Claudia’s mom’s purse. Sure enough, those Balkan bastards had swiped her wallet! Luckily enough, there wasn’t much in it but a small amount of cash and her ID. But of course, now she’s upset and worried they might have someone try and break into her apartment.

The police send two young guys, and isn’t it just my luck to be sitting across the table from a particularly adorable specimen with dark hair and the most amazing green eyes who of course wastes no time on a woman with rubbed off make-up and stringy hair… sigh.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m profiling Balkan people here: these folks were definitely Eastern European. Plus, sadly, our area has had a rash of crooks from Romania recently. What really pisses me off about this whole thing, though, is that I didn’t see this shit coming AT ALL, even after having been robbed by a similar scheme in Barcelona a few years ago. Being vigilant is so tiresome, sometimes you just forget…


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