The Phone doesn’t Stop Ringing

Some days are just crazy. Crazy good. Interesting. The opposite of boredom.

At work, I find out that my users up north are mysteriously disappearing from Active Directory. Is there a thing like AD Ebola? Three cases in a week! More amusing to me than to the users, for sure.

Then my cell phone rings. It’s the company from Munich calling. We chat for a while. I’m interested. They’re interested. They’re not discouraged when I say I have to wait for paperwork. Their tech guy wants to meet me. Luckily, he’s on vacation until the end of the month. This speed is making me nervous. So, looks like in a few weeks I’m off to Munich again, this time all dressed nice to convince someone to hire me because I test well and talk a lot.

At the same time, my main man has an exciting project in mind. If that goes, all else will fall through. Sorry for being non-specific, I do believe you can jinx things by talking too much. Let’s just say it would be something completely different!

And then Doris calls me and makes me very happy by offering me a massage slot on Friday. Bliss!

Now it’s almost time to go home. The only time the phone might ring then is if my mom calls. What a day!!


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