Things that make you go Ouch!

Yeah, sorry, this isn’t going to be much of a blog day. In fact, until next week, I don’t predict too many. Important things first: I’m leaving for Munich on Friday morning. I will blog on InsNetz at least on Saturday, because that’s my grand contribution to the Barcamp. So, if you read German and are curious what 60 women in one room will do to each other, go there and check it out. You can also follow my pearls of wisdom on Twitter. Or just go find me on FriendFeed and get everything at once. That’s the semi-professional reason for not blogging.

The personal reason is, I’m in pain. And tired. And my head is stuffy. Maybe because I’m tired and in pain. If at least I had something to blog about in return, but alas, it’s just the usual sleeping badly on an unnaturally bent neck and then having to deal with the consequences in the morning. And oddly, the better I sleep -I define that as not waking up a zillion times from when I go to bed until the alarm goes off- the more tired I feel.  Norbert recommended a massage, and I think he might be on to something… but all that will have to wait until after the conference.


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