The Amazing Three-Legged Dog

No, no more fence-climbing adventures this weekend. Instead, the wonderdog did not run after a deer (or a wild boar, I have no idea), possibly because he felt it was more important to guard the two helpless women in charge of the cheese brötchen. Point is, while his brother went gallivanting around the woods, he stuck around. Much safer that way. And yesterday afternoon, he helped me with the laundry: I dumped everything on the floor in the bedroom, and he brought me piece by piece, even the jeans, and quite happily chomped down on some meaty bite-sized treats. Max didn’t quite get the concept and looked very sad that he only got two consolation morsels.

Not to think there was no adventure in the walks, no, no! Michele and I took the boys out after we came back from dinner, a quick little once-around-the-block deal. First, we ran into (nearly over) two children crawling (literally) around in the bushes. What kind of an idiot… I mean, it was almost ten o’clock at night and quite dark already! Naturally, the dogs were curious, we left the two dummies, um, kids behind and kept walking. As we had decided to cut through the park with the duck pond, we realized someone was camping on the bridge in the middle. So rather than stomping through someone’s bedroom and scaring the bejeezus out of a homeless person, we walked all the way around. Enter the other dog. I nearly had a heart attack when the skinny brown husky-like critter came running out of the bushes. Where on Earth was his owner? He came ambling towards us a minute later, another unleashed dog running ahead. Luckily, everyone was friendly. I think Max would have played if I had let him. Finally, as we were passing a house on the other side of street, the most extraordinary screeching issued forth (I love that! How British) from the garden, and out came running a black cat! Cat number two stayed in the yard. Max was very much interested and tried to jump forward, but didn’t yank too hard on the leash. Rufi, who was walking with Michele, just kind of stood there, thinking ‘can we go home now’? For lack of treats, he got a lot of praise and seemed happy with that. He was even happier when Aunt Michele presented him with a BBQ-flavored dog cookie in the kitchen about ten minutes later… and yes, not to worry, Max got one, too.


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