Kinotag: Mamma Mia!

Last night, we made it to the very last showing of Mamma Mia! at the Corso. It was Kinotag, so the tickets were cheaper, and amazingly, the theater was almost sold out. Overall, Anke and I had a good time and really enjoyed the film. Meryl Streep has a great voice, and she and film daughter Amanda Seyfried had good chemistry that really let you believe their relationship. Pierce Brosnan should probably not hang up his acting job for singing, but he did ok. Unlike my sister, I was able to look beyond Bond here. Not too difficult, he looks much less sleek and spiffy.

The scenery was beautiful, the cast was great, the songs -of course- excellent. But something was missing. The feeling wasn’t there. When I saw the musical two years ago (in German, no less), I was really touched by the love story and Donna’s dreamy musings about her daughter’s future, but this time: nothing. The other odd thing was, there was nobody dancing or singing along at the end. I mean, hello! This is ABBA! So, where generally I choose the book over the movie, in this case, I choose the musical over the movie. Life is live. Or vice versa.

Still: go see it. It’s fun.  Be sure to watch for the cameo at the end.


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