Kinotag: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

I really wanted to write this now, before I go to bed, because it’s been a long time since I had a good buzz going on a Saturday night and wasn’t depressed about something or other. 🙂

Actually, Anke and I wanted to go see “Mamma Mia!”. That’s what I had reserved tickets for. We got there a bit after seven, the guy told us we had to wait for about ten minutes, and when people were obviously going in the theater, so did we. They were already running commercials, but hey!, no big deal. Then there’s Adam Sandler at the beach, doing some goofy shit, and we’re looking at each other, going ‘is this still previews or what?’ Nope. We had picked the wrong theater! And this was before we had anything to drink!! Flexible gals that we are and both wanting to see “Zohan” anyway, we stayed. It was goofy and sweet and funny and completely obsessed with genital jokes (hey, it is Adam Sandler), full of Ex-SNLivers, featuring Dave Mathews as a redneck terrorist and co-starring John Turturro, whom I am a BIG fan of. So, it all worked out.

We were still laughing about the mixup later, when we took our ticket stubs to the “Eimer” at the Marktplatz for a free tequila. Well, we ended up with four, plus a ‘coffee special’ and a non-alcoholic drink each, teaching some slightly toasted American who was playing darts with friends how to do tequila shots, trading girl stories and having a good time. I am seriously buzzed right now and completely amazed I can type straight, but now it is time for bed. We’re hooking up again at seven in the morning for a long walk…

Very cool day today! I’ll drink to that! 😉


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