Little Food Diary

Oh, you don’t really believe I’m going to confess all my dietary sins to you right now, do you? No, no… the biggest is probably that I’m not eating breakfast at the moment. I simply don’t have time. Then, by the time I get to work, I’m hungry. Of course, then there’s only junk food. So, the logical conclusion is that I will have to start depositing something here. I’m thinking Slim Fast. I need my chocolate fix! But today, I savored a Twix bar, something I haven’t done in a very long time. And it was delicious! I just LOVE that caramel-chocolate-cookie mix… yum.

Since honestly, I’m too lazy to make coffee for just me in the morning, I bought some instant replacement coffee (grain, so no caffeine) at the Bio-Store, and while Claudia sips her tea, I have my fake coffee. Works pretty well, actually. It smells and looks the same, and when it gets cold, it’s just as nasty as cold coffee.

For dinner last night, I had some frozen couscous with veggies, which I really like, as well. Best thing is, one bag (hey, we’re in Germany here, everything comes in bags) is enough for two meals. To stick with the oriental theme, we’re going to the German Kantine for lunch; it’s falafel day!

So, while I’m not necessarily eating badly, the bulk of my food intake has shifted to later in the day, which I’m noticing is having a bad effect. Perhaps once I’m back in my pad, I will dust off those running shoes, after all…


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